Stuart Haussler
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Stuart Haussler

Stuart Haussler, on graduating from college in 1950, became involved with the military in Korea. Subsequently he became a Doctor, Teacher and Rancher.

 A Rancher because of his love for the Hereford and the respect held for the men and women who developed the west and with whom, through their descendants, he has worked with all of his life, and now writes about.

Put out to pasture in 1986, he set about to entertain by writing western and military novels.

Readers Comments:

“Stuart Haussler manages to combine action with reality. His books are not intended to help you read yourself to sleep.” Charlie H. Rapid City, South Dakota

“Your story was superbly told with graphic word pictures.” Walter B. Omaha, Nebraska

“The Story was not what I expected . . . but more. You have the right to brag about this book.” Roxy G. Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

“I am a truck driver and I read books all the time. This, Territorial Justice, is a great book, it has given me a lot of enjoyment.” Ted G. Rockingham, North Carolina

“This book, Brothers of the Blood, I found to be one of the BEST stories I have ever read.” Wally W. Springfield, Oregon

“Stuart Haussler weaves a compelling tale of non-stop action, and his characters leave the reader with a warm feeling of human compassion. Loved, Brothers Of The Blood.” Mary S Springfield, Missouri

“Loved, Operation Navy Cross. Interesting . . . fiction?” Sandy H Sacramento, California

 “Reading a Stuart Haussler western is like riding a time capsule to the old west.” G. Sam Carr, Author


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